Speech Sound Disorders

Does your child continue to say words or sounds incorrectly? Are they not “growing out of it?” It may be a good idea to have them evaluated by a professional.

Speech sound disorders are mistakes that children make in their articulation or pronunciation of words past a certain developmental age. There are two types of disorders: Articulation disorders – making sounds and Phonological processes – sound patterns. Speech sound disorders can be a result of developmental disorders (autism), genetic syndromes (Down syndrome), hearing loss, illness, or neurological disorders (cerebral palsy).

Articulation disorders include errors with sound substitutions (“b” for a “v”- “tibi”/“TV”), sound deletion (“-ouse”/”house”), or sound addition (“blooduh”/”blood”). Sounds in our language are developed at different ages and some sound errors are considered appropriate at different times; this is why it is important to seek out evaluation from our certified pediatric speech-language pathologist to understand typical development and to know where your child falls with their intelligibility.

Phonological processes are patterns of sound errors or sound rules that are learned inappropriately rather than learning the proper rules during development. Patterns include substituting the “k” and “g” for the “t” and “d” (“tup”/”cup”, “do”/”go”), or a reduction of two consonants in a word (“tar”/”star”, “lock”/”clock”). These processes decrease by certain ages as well.

These disorders are diagnosed through a formal evaluation with standardized tests performed by a certified speech and language pathologist. Articulation and Phonological disorders are treated with a child-centered speech therapy program individualized to the patient’s needs in order to “improve articulation of individual sounds and reduce errors in production of sound patterns.” Parents are encouraged to be an active participant in their child’s therapy session as well as in their home-practice activities.

Make an appointment to see our pediatric speech-language pathologist today if you have any concerns about your child’s pronunciation or ability to be understood by family and friends!

Source: (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (n.d.) Speech Sound Disorders: Articulation and Phonology. (Practice Portal). Retrieved October, 15, 2015, from www.asha.org/Practice-Portal/Clinical-Topics/Articulation-and-Phonology.)


North Hills ENT and Anderson Audiology have several convenient locations for Speech Therapy!

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